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  • Edelbrock
  • NOS

Nitrous Oxide Controller

  • Replacement Wiring For Connecting Components Together
  • Such as Controllers/Modules/Sensors/Etc.

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  • 2 Fully Independent Stage Outputs
  • Allows Programming In Any Curve Shape
  • Progressive Solenoid Operation Based On Time
  • TPS Input And Can Shut Nitrous Off At A Programmed RPM Ceiling
  • Designed And Constructed To Handle Harsh Conditions
  • Allows The User To Drive The Solenoids At Different Duty Cycles

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  • Delay Easily Set
  • In 1/10th Second Increments
  • Available w/Dial Or DIP Settings

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  • Intelligent Nitrous Progressive Timer
  • Compact Design
  • Easy To Mount
  • Complete w/Wiring Harness And Instruction Manual
  • Nitrous Starting/Final Percentage
  • Full Digital Circuitry
  • Easy-To-Read LED Display
  • Single Or Dual Ramp Feature

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