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Fuel Hose

MSD Ignition 

Atomic EFI Fuel Hose

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Atomic EFI Fuel Hose
  • Atomic EFI Fuel Hose

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  • Synthetic Nitrile Inner Hose
  • Stainless Steel Braid
  • Full Stainless Steel Outer Cover
  • Compatible With All Fuels
  • Corrosion and Fire Resistant
  • Exceptionally Lightweight/Flexible

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Holley Performance 

In-Tank Fuel Hose

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In-Tank Fuel Hose
  • Reinforced Hose
  • Includes Fuel Pumps Strainer and Mounting Hardware

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  • Come w/AN Fittings and Step-Ups
  • Come In Virtually Any Length
  • Teflon Lined For Strength
  • Stainless Steel Outer Covering
  • Resistance To Abrasion
  • Superior Flow To Strength Ratio
  • AN Fittings Color Coded

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