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  • BD Diesel
  • Lakewood

Bellhousing Dowel Pin


Bellhousing Offset Dowel Pin

8 Parts

Bellhousing Offset Dowel Pin
  • Adjustable Dowel Pins
  • A Must When Accurately Dialing In Bellhousings

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  • Easy To Use And Install
  • Slip Easily Into The Engine Block
  • Designed To Be Turned With A Wrench
  • No Drilling Or Tapping

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BD Diesel 

Killer Dowel Pin Repair Kit

2 Parts

Killer Dowel Pin Repair Kit
  • OEM Dowel Pin Located Behind Timing Cover Can Become Loose
  • Loose Dowel Pin Can Drop Down And Cause Extensive Damage
  • Kit Gives Everything Needed To Replace Pin w/Permanent Solution
  • 12 Month Or 12000 Mile Warranty

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