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  • Blue Ox
  • CURT

Trailer Break-Away Switch


Breakaway Switch

2 Parts

Breakaway Switch
  • Connects Tow Vehicle To Trailer Breakaway Battery
  • Actives Trailer Brakes When Cable Is Released During Disconnect
  • Silver Contact Points For A Superior Electrical Connection
  • Features A High-Temp Metal Mounting Tab And Nylon Pull Pin
  • Nylon Case Protects Components From The Elements

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Blue Ox 

Patriot Breakaway Switch

2 Parts

Patriot Breakaway Switch
  • Add-on Breakaway Switch For Second Towed Veh
  • Install Breakaway In Towed Car
  • Transfer Braking System Between Towed Available
  • Replaces Broken Breakaway Switch
  • Works w/Patriot Supplemental Braking Sys
  • Made In The USA

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